ARK – Tame Prehistoric Animals to Survive the ARK World

Download ARK to explore the ARK world and build a defense to ensure your survival. Tame prehistoric animals to navigate the ARK world.

What you Must Know About the Game

ARK is an adventure and a survival video game that is played in both single and multiplayer modes. Studio Wildcard developed and published this game, after which it was released within 2017 and 2018. The game is now available on different platforms where it uses Unreal Engine 4.


In 2017, the game was released for Xbox, PlayStation, macOS, Windows, and Linux devices. The Android, Nintendo, and iOS versions of the game were released the following year. Companies like Efecto Studios and Instinct Games participated in the release of the game.

The game begins with players being stranded on an island where they are required to survive. It is worth noting that there are different factors that will make it difficult to survive. For example, natural hazards, prehistoric animals, and even hostile players.

ARK can be played in both the third and first-person perspectives. The game offers an open world for players to explore as they search for items to collect. This open-world can be navigated in different ways. You can either ride on animals or navigate the world on foot.

As mentioned above, part of the dangers you’d be dealing with is hostile players. You can handle these players with the aid of improvised weapons and firearms. Another of providing defense is by building bases on the ground. It is important to note that you can also build bases on some creatures.

As mentioned above, the game is played in both the single and multiplayer modes. Each of these modes offers an amazing experience for players to enjoy. The multiplayer mode allows players to form tribes containing members of a server. Each server has a maximum number of players it can accommodate, and this should be considered.

Also, the tamed animals, as well as the constructed structures in the multiplayer modes, are usually shared. However, this is among the members of the tribe. The player vs. environment mode of the game allows players to play without fighting.

Although the game was released in 2017, its development started in October 2014. This was when the game was first released for PC, and it was also for early access. The team involved in the development of this game carried out detailed research.

As mentioned above, the game is available on many devices, including Android and iOS devices. It is important to note that for Android devices, the minimum requirement is Android 7. Also, the current version of the game on Android devices is version 2.0.17.


For iOS devices, the minimum requirement for the game is iOS 9.0, which makes it compatible with many iOS devices. Another amazing thing about the game is that it has recorded over 10 million installs on Google Play Store alone.

There are so many amazing things about the game. It is important to note that one of the major things you’d do is to tame animals. There are different approaches you can make use of when taming these animals. However, you must not that not every animal in the ARK world can be tamed.

Getting Started with the Game

It is usually difficult for new players to get started with the game, even though it is undoubtedly amazing. It is important to take note of certain things before you get started with the game. Here is a detailed guide containing all you should know when you get started with ARK:

First things First

The gameplay of this game was created such that it allows players to go on adventures while they survive. Once the game begins, the first thing you must do is to collect different items and craft structures.

It is important to note that the Stone Pick is the first thing you’d need in the game. This requires stone, thatch, or wood. The Stone Pick is vital because, without it, you would not be able to mine flint in the game. Also, Stone Pick also helps in the process of harvesting.

One amazing thing about the game is that from the Stone Pick, you can craft Stone Axes and Campfires.

Dangerous Area and Safe Area

It is important to note that there are safe and dangerous areas in the game. For example, the beach is regarded as a dangerous area. Also, some parts of the game world are regarded as dangerous areas. You’ll become a fast food for dinosaurs in some parts of the game world.


In general, not every part of the water is dangerous. For example, the coastal regions are not as dangerous as some of the rivers. It is important to note that there are also safe areas in the game. The best thing to do when the game begins is to find your way to some of these safe areas.

Utilizing the Basic Equipment

There are different equipment in the game. You’ll craft some, and you’ll collect others. It is important to ensure that you make good use of this equipment. Some of the basic tools you in the game include the thatch, ax, and torch, amongst others.

Armor and Clothing

Players are given access to clothing when the game begins. The importance of these clothing cannot be overemphasized. They help in providing protection from some of the game elements that can cause harm.

Where to Get the Game


The gaming experience that is offered by ARK is a wonder to behold. You should start playing the game to experience this. Visit the following sites to download the game:

• Android:

• Apple Gadgets:

• Windows:

• PlayStation:


Download ARK to enjoyed an unmatched survival and adventure within the ARK world. Use weapons, and build structures to defend against animals and hostile players.


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