Opening a Joint stock company in accordance with the laws of Vietnam

Hi, I am going to open a trading company in Vietnam and I wonder how long does it take to open a joint stock company in accordance with the laws of Vietnam?
- The Law on Enterprise 2014
- The law on Investment 2014
Pursuant to Article 27 of the Law on Enterprise 2014Order and procedures for enterprise registration is as below:

1. The enterprise founder or authorized person shall submit an enterprise registration dossier as prescribed in this Law to the business registration agency.

2. The business registration agency shall examine the validity of the enterprise registration dossier and grant an enterprise registration certificate within 3 working days after receiving such dossier. If refusing to grant the enterprise registration certificate, it shall notify in writing such to the enterprise founder, clearly stating the reason and requirements for dossier modification and supplementation.

Pursuant to Article 23 of the laws on Enterprise 2014, 
Enterprise registration dossiers for joint stock companies include:

1. Enterprise registration application.

2. Company charter.

3. List of founding shareholders and foreign shareholders.

4. Copies of the following documents:

  • Citizen or people’s identity card, passport or another valid personal identification paper, for an individual founding shareholder and a foreign individual shareholder;
  • Establishment decision, enterprise registration certificate or other equivalent papers of the organizations and power of attorney; citizen or people’s identity card, passport or another valid personal identification paper of the authorized representative, for an institutional founding shareholder or institutional foreign shareholder. For an institutional foreign shareholder, the copy of the enterprise registration certificate or another equivalent paper shall be consularly legalized;
  • Investment registration certificate, for foreign investors as prescribed by the Law on Investment.